51 South Street, #4, Morristown, NJ 07960

(973) 538-4202

Licensed Psychologist
NJ Lic. # 0277
NY Lic. # 9786

Appointments and Fees: Psychotherapy in Morristown, NJ

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My office hours for psychotherapy in Morristown are Tuesday to Friday and some Saturday mornings by appointment only.  Appointments and inquiries can be made by calling me at: 973 538-4202.  When leaving a message it is helpful if you would also spell your name, and provide information about the best times and phone numbers to reach you. The fax number for sending documents to the office is: 973 644-3407.  My e-mail is: JoshuaZavin@gmail.com. Please note that I don’t use the fax or e-mail for arranging appointments.


Sessions are by appointment only and last for 50 minutes. The fee for each session is $225. Under some circumstances I am willing to discuss an adjustment in the fees. Unless we have made a separate  arrangement, full payment is expected at the time of the session by check or cash.

Joshua Zavin, Ph.D.  Licensed Psychologist in Morristown, NJ


My office does not operate on a 24-hour emergency basis.  Although I will make every effort to return phone calls as soon as possible, in case of an emergency, contact or go to your local hospital emergency room.  In Morristown, the phone number of the emergency hotline at Morristown Medical Center is:  973 540-0100